Which lash extension set is best for me?

Eyelash Extensions Maui

Wondering which eyelash extension set fits you best? Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent application of individually applied high quality, feather weight mink lash extensions.  They may have a natural or dramatic look that will accentuate and enhance the beauty of your own eyes. 

We offer four different styles lash extensions on Maui that will surely have one to suite your desired look:

  1. Classic Lashes- Individually applied single eyelash extension to your natural lash (1:1), resulting in a gorgeous, natural appearance.  Described as a mascara type look with added length & thickness.  Suitable for those with average to lots of lashes.
  2. Classic + Volume Lashes- Also known as "hybrid" lash extensions.  Volume lashes are used to create density along the lash line intermixed with thicker and longer classic lashes.  Described as a little more than a mascara type look with added density, length & thickness.  Suitable for those with sparse to lots of lashes.
  3. Volume Lashes- Hand-made fans using 3-6 thinner diameter luxury lash extensions are carefully placed onto a natural lash resulting in beautiful density along the lash line creating a soft, fluffy appearance.  Suitable for those with sparse to lots of lashes.

  4. Mega Volume LashesHand-made fans with our THINNEST diameter luxury lashes using up to 7-15 lash extensions are carefully placed onto a natural lash creating a bold and dramatic appearance almost similar to the "strip lash look." Suitable for those with sparse to lots of lashes.

Eyelash Extensions Maui


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Great Blog! These gave me an idea whatEye Lash extension I would like to have.

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