Trick or Treat Your Skin | Smart Skincare Tips that will Save your Money & Skin

Smart Skincare Tips that will save your money and skin!

How does your skin know what is good for you and what isn’t? It doesn’t. Your skin can’t read labels or ingredients, it only knows if a product works well when it is applied to your skin.  So, BEWARE, make sure you aren’t tricking yourself into buying something that may not treat your skin as well as it states…a.k.a. misleading information!

Most cosmetic manufacturers know how to lure customers in with their marketing strategies and pretty packaging.  Spending more on that than the product itself! Leading to high pricing for products that contain the same cosmetic-grade ingredients as one found on a drug store shelf.

Listed below are some “TRICKS” that you should be aware of before reaching in your purse and spending your hard earned $$$$:

  • “All-Natural.” Okay, sounds safe. But wait, unlike drug companies, the FDA does not approve cosmetics before hitting the shelves. So basically, they can put whatever they want on their labels.
  • “Organic.” The same can be said for this claim like “all-natural.” Water is organic and makes up most of a product(just read the first ingredient-that makes up most of the product) like cleansers, moisturizers, toners, serums, sunscreens….so therefore can be called organic. If organic is your thing, carefully read the ingredients and to be EXTRA certain look for products that are certified by the USDA or Eco-cert.
  • “Cruelty-Free or No Animal Testing.” Maybe the product itself wasn’t tested on animals, but what about the ingredients the product consists of?
  • “Dermatologist-tested.” So, what doctor? What did they test? On how many people? And what were the results? What if it was negative! It doesn’t say if it were positive results.  Yet,  another marketing technique to make consumers believe that “doctors” have their best interest.
  • “Oil-Free.” Another made up cosmetic industry category.  No regulations and no standards for labeling this “claim” either.  Fell for it before?  Happened to me.  I thought my skin would be “oil-free”, but sadly it wasn’t.
  • “Hypo-allergenic.” Yet, again another marketing tactic to lure skin types, especially sensitive skin.  Lots of products label this, but they actually do contain problematic ingredients that can irritate skin or cause allergic reactions.
  • “Vitamins A, C, or E.” Make sure you read the ingredient list.  The first ingredient, as stated before, occupies most of the product then the last is the least.  So make sure the vitamins aren’t at the bottom of the ingredient list or you may not benefit at all.

Hope this helps!  Don’t be discouraged, there are still excellent skin care companies out there that will TREAT yo' skin for what it deserves.  Just read between the lines, as well as the ingredients, and  don’t fall for those marketing TRICKS!

Alohi Tip: We test all products and believe in everything we recommend.  We LOVE our Honua Skin Care products.  This simple yet significant skin care ritual is complete with everything you need to start a healthy and balanced skin care routine!

Happy Trick or Treating!


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