Product Spotlight: NEW! Clean Green Sunscreen

Have you heard that sunscreen has been killing the reef in Hawai'i?  

Think of all the tourists that visit every year throughout Hawai'i and frolic in the ocean many using cheap, harmful, deadly sunscreen...  

As an ocean lover it means so much to me that we take care of what we enjoy in life.  This product contains safe ingredients for my skin but also protect the reef's that we need to preserve for future generations to enjoy as well.

This beneficial sunscreen for yourself and the environment comes in 4 different tints and 2 non-tinted options!  I love that because you don't need to look like a ghost in order to receive optimal protection from the sun!

Here is a little insight from the company themselves.

All Clean Green Sunscreen products are 100% natural and safely provide broad-spectrum UVA & UVB protection, nourishment, hydration, and coverage, organically.  It is non-comedogenic so it won't clog your pores.

This multi-tasker acts as a primer, a moisturizer, and a highly effective sunscreen.

Clean Green Sunscreen promises that:

  • All our products are safe for you, your family, and our planet, including our endangered reefs and marine life.

  • We follow the latest FDA sunscreen regulations and GRASE (generally recognized as safe and effective). 

  • Our sole active ingredient, zinc oxide, is the most effective and safest broad-spectrum blocker available.

  • We use the finest ingredients and to keep our formulas free of harsh additives, including chemicals and fragrances.

  • Our products are made in approved facilities in the USA.

These sunscreens are available in our store or online:



  • Blushing Rose: fair with cool undertones SPF 31

  • Naked Truth: medium with neutral undertones SPF 31

  • Warm it Up: medium/dark with warm undertones SPF 31

  • Bronzed Buns: dark with dark/warm undertones SPF 31


  • Snow Bunny: goes on white and blends into all skin types. SPF 32

  • D-light: Vitamin D3 fortified formula is safe for the entire family. SPF 35

...So!  Save your skin and our planet with this eco-friendly conscious sunscreen safe for the entire family(including babies & pregnant women)!

Alohi Aesthetics is one of the first shops to carry this new line of amazing sunscreen! 


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