Is toner necessary?


Cleanse.  Tone.  Moisturize.   Have you ever read or been told by someone that this is what your at-home-regime should consist of?  Well, lets see if  a skin toner is really necessary or if it’s just an unecessary expense…

Skin toners are said to remove makeup, dirt and help restore your skin’s pH level.  That’s good…right?  Of course it is, but a high quality cleanser should do the job for that too.  Also, depending on your skin type this may be an uneccessary step.  Read on:

 According to Jeffrey Dover, MD, associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale University School of Medicine, the only people who really should use toner are: “extremely oily or acne-prone skin and those of us who want extra cleansing after wearing a lot of makeup.”

This is what he says and many dermatologists agree that skin toner is an unecessary expense with the exception stated above.

Many aestheticians would disagree and say that toner is a necessary step in a skin regime.  As an aesthetcian as well, I would’ve disagreed also, but after reading about toner I feel it should be optional for certain skin types and used once daily for oily skin and breakouts.  Here’s why:

Toners that contain alcohol can strip the skin and daily application causes dehydration and impaired skin barrier function.  The tingling and tightness that follows a traditional toner is an indication of dryness and irritation, not cleanliness.  If you have oily skin and tone too often or too aggressive you may cause an overproduction of oil.  Also daily use can exacerbate certain skin conditions.  Skip toner if you are trying to control the following skin concerns:

  • Visible aging
  • sensitive skin
  • rosacea
  • dry skin

Most toners found in drugstores have a combination of alcohol, fragrances, dyes and preservatives, which are NOT beneficial for your skin.  If you continue to use toner just make sure you read the ingredients and avoid toners with alcohol.  Witch  hazel is another option for toner, but it can be drying and irritating to the skin as well because it’s made up of 70-80% alcohol. 

If you remove toner from your regime be sure your cleanser is doing the job of removing dirt, makeup and excess oil.  Also make sure your cleanser is pH balanced(4.5-6.0), which is usually stated on the bottle, if not you can contact the manufacturer and find out.   

In conclusion, oily, acneic and people who use lots of makeup should definitely consider toner in their beauty regime.  Other than that, toners should be optional.  Avoid toners with alcohol, which won’t benefit your face or your wallet.  If you don’t use a toner, make sure you have a high quality cleanser that does the job at removing dirt, makeup and excess oil. 

As an aesthetician, please make honest recommendations.  Trust is important with a client, so don’t loose that by recommending something that may not be necessary.  Skin care should be about personal care not money.  Thanks for reading!

Share!  What toner do you use on your skin type?  Do you feel that it helps?

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