Beautiful skin from...bananas?! | DIY Skincare Recipe

diy skincare from bananasI LOVE bananas!  Whether making tasty strawberry-banana smoothies or eating a fresh peeled banana when I’m in a hurry.  Bananas are a great source of potassium, vitamins a, b, c, e  and  have great health benefits for your body.  But this Southeast Asia native fruit also has benefits for your skin too!

Acne skin gets easily irritated and bananas have no known ingredients that cause irritation, so it is ideal for sensitive skin.  

So, here's a DIY recipe for a couple skincare concerns:

DIY Banana Mask for Acne: Mash up a banana and apply it to your face as a mask for 20 minutes, then rinse it off with lukewarm water.  

How it helps: Potassium in bananas help kill bacteria in acne blemishes and aids in healing them at a faster rate.  Vitamin B from bananas can calm irritation and even skin tone.

Aging skin may become dry with signs of wrinkles and age spots, which can benefit from this super-fruit as well.  

DIY Banana Mask for Anti-Aging: Mash up a banana and mix in some honey with it.  The honey will help firm the skin while the banana will make skin functional, soft and smooth.

How it helps: Vitamin A in bananas will help restore natural oil for the dry areas while Vitamin E can repair damaged skin and fade age spots.  Vitamin C restores cell function and prevents oxidation which will prevent future fine lines and wrinkles.  

Let us know if you've tried this recipe!


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