A Step-by-Step Guide to Gorgeous Skin

Are you asking yourself what skin care steps do I need to achieve healthy looking skin? Do you feel you might be missing something to achieve that goal or maybe you might not know where to start altogether? I’ve made your own monthly facial routine guide to help you reach that goal.A Step by Step Guid to Gorgeous Skin

A correct skin care routine is the first step in the right direction to achieve healthy and balanced skin!  Let's get to it!  This is the order in which your skin care routine should be used:

Cleanse (am/pm) Depending on your skin type choose the right cleanser for your skin.  Cleansing helps to remove makeup, dirt, grime and oil to make your serums & moisturizers more effective.  It also helps aid in the cell renewal process.

Alohi Tip:  We test all products and believe in everything we recommend.  Try our Pa'akai Cleansing Cream from Honua Skin Care!  

Exfoliate (1-3 times a week) Improves the texture and appearance of skin by removing dead skin cell layers to make dull skin look more vibrant.   It also helps to penetrate active ingredients deeper into the skin.  Do not over-exfoliate because it can lead to an over-production of oil or can irritate the skin.  Our skin undergoes natural exfoliation, so that’s why you should only exfoliate a couple of times out of the week if so.

Tone (if necessary) Another step that depends on your skin type.  You should definitely tone daily if you have oily or acne prone skin.  Other than that a quality cleanser should do the job at removing dirt, grime, oil and makeup.  If you can’t seperate from your toner,  just remember ingredients like alcohol can do more harm than good.  Rose water is a good and safe choice.  Is toner necessary?  Read this blog entry to learn more.  

Treat (if necessary-am/pm) If you have any skin concerns like blemishes or hyper-pigmentation there are spot treatments for these problem areas that should be put on the skin before any other product to get the full benefit.

Serums (am/pm) This is a form of liquid with active ingredients and antioxidants that can treat dehydration, excess oil and fine lines.  It is chemically formulated with smaller molecules so it penetrates deeper into the skin.

Moisturize w/sunscreen (am) Invest in a daytime moisturizer with sunscreen, so you don’t have to buy a moisturizer and a sunscreen separately.  Protect your face daily against extrinsic factors such as the sun, wind and pollution. Ugh!

Alohi Tip:  We test all products and believe in everything we recommend.  One of our favorites products is Clean Green Sunscreen which come in various tints and doubles as a moisturizer!  So not only is your skin protected from the sun, but it also has great coverage in which you don't need any powders or foundations!  Check out our Clean Green Sunscreen lineup.

Moisturize (pm) Ingredients in moisturizers help retain water in your skin.  Advanced ingredients help skin optimize normal cell and collagen production.

Masks (weekly) Apply a mask to benefit from certain skin concerns.  Oily skin?  Clay masks help detoxify skin and remove unwanted oil while preventing and clearing up blackheads.  Dry skin?  Revitalize it! By using a hydrating mask it helps put moisture back in your skin.  There are many face masks for different skin types!

Facials (monthly) Ahhh!  Unwind yourself  into a relaxing  facial treatment while helping your skin concerns.  Basically this is what a facial consists of: cleansing, steam, exfoliation, neck and shoulder massage, face massage(so tranquil!), face mask, and application of a moisturizer and sunscreen.  Learn from the esthetician what ingredients are best for your skin and what products benefit your skin type the most.

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The key to healthy skin is balance. 

Managing this routine with the right products will help YOU achieve your skin care goals!

Do you currently have a facial skin care routine at home?  What are your favorite products for your skin concerns?


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