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Product Spotlight: Glitter Bolt Balms

Glitter Gel, Glitter Bolt Balms

Who doesn't love Glitter?!  We sure do!  Glitter can help brighten anyones day and now you can purchase these shimmering pieces of sparkles in our store or online.

And what better time to get these glimmer glitters then for Halloween!  These shimmers are perfect to sparkle up any Halloween costume!


About the Brand:

Elektra Cosmetics Bolt Balm is an intense blend of chunky and fine glitters custom mixed in an aloe gel base. It’s perfect for Glitter Roots, high voltage accents on the cheeks, and extreme coverage for stage, dance, or festivals.

Bolt Balm tends to stay put all day, with very little fallout, but can be easily washed off with water. Bolt Balm can look sheer or provide moderate to heavy glitter coverage, depending on how you apply it.

Have a sparkling day!


Alohi Aesthetics | Brilliant Beauty

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